Lynda was founded in 1995 as an online education company offering different video courses taught by various industry experts in the fields of software, creative, and business.  The company was purchased by LinkedIn in 2015 for a reported $1.5 billion.  The next year, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.  

Lynda continues to grow and add value to it's clients, and even recently added new audio suites to their facility in Carpinteria, California.  The new rooms are centered around the ARGOSY Halo workstations - which provide an an inspirational and functional space.  The Halo.E models they chose feature Sit/Stand capability and allow the engineers to adjust the desk height with electronic push-button actuators.  The rooms were featured in a Pro Sound News article posted online and in print.   According to the article, the new rooms are "a major upgrade to the environment in which the audio team works."  

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