Eclipse for SSL Origin

NEW! Argosy Eclipse for Solid State Logic’s Origin.

Argosy Design Group has unveiled its newest addition to the line of Eclipse Furniture Solutions. The Eclipse for SSL Origin. A truly innovative solution for your studio space. The Eclipse has been adapted and engineered to seamlessly house the Origin. Each detail and design of Eclipse has been meticulously thought through in order to ensure that the user is placed at the center of their workflow.

Phil Wagner; Sr. Vice President of Solid State Logic states; "Argosy has been on the forefront of studio furniture design for quite some time. We are delighted to see the Origin Eclipse configurations come to market. Eclipse is an easy way for customers to implement Origin into their studio design."

Argosy has spent the last 25 years changing the industry standards for studio furniture and the unique design and ingenuity of the Eclipse is what sets it apart. Eclipse has been tailored to house the Origin, but it does so much more. It is ergonomically designed and creates an inspirational landscape that not only keeps the creativity flowing but eliminates all other distractions in the workspace.

"We spent a lot of time thinking about how the furniture fits into the studio, not just the size but how it acts with sound. Eclipse Generation 4 is designed to be virtually transparent to sound while providing solid support and functionality. I’m especially excited with how it integrates with the new SSL Origin" states David Atkins; Founder and Director of Design for ARGOSY.

Eclipse is based on Argosy’s standard principles of design and ergonomics and has been elevated with a sleek, all black, minimalist style. Configure Eclipse with integrated matte black,

fingerprint-resistant smooth desk surface & 8 space rack bays, each with padded armrests. These features not only enhance the functionality of the Eclipse, but they make the desk a worthy center-piece in the heart of your studio.

Notable Features of the Eclipse for Origin:

  • Integrate your SSL with critical outboard gear
  • New matte black, fingerprint-resistant desktop surface
  • 8sp rack bays to house all critical equipment
  • Optional Mahogany End Panels
  • Aluminum Extrusion Accessory Rail
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Accessories for the Eclipse for Origin include rail-mounted isolating speaker platforms, articulating monitor arms, and mahogany end panels.

Learn more about the Eclipse for SSL Origin here:


Argosy is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of specialized furniture solutions for technical environments. The company was started in 1994 and has since grown its portfolio of products, services, and clients to become a household name in digital media environments. It is Argosy’s goal to help clients and companies alike transform their workspace by providing designs and products that not only function to improve workflow, but also inspire creativity. Argosy continues to innovate in the design of specialized furniture products at its headquarters in Missouri.