Flexible, innovative, and inspiring furniture solutions...await.

Timeless Elegance

At Argosy, we believe that design and functionality don't have to be mutually exclusive. That's why we've created desks that are iconically sleek and efficient.

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Tailored Functionality

The days of generic desks and stands have passed. Argosy has created custom solutions to fill the need for more application-focused design tailored toward specific needs.

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Built for Creatives

Through a balance of technology & creativity, Argosy is able to offer a broad selection of studio furniture designed to inspire the heart as well as the mind.

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Argosy in Action

View our live gallery to see how other creatives are using their Argosy.

The Halo Desk

Lighter. Faster. Better.

The Dual15 Workstation

Give Your Space an Edge.

The Aura Desk

Escape the Complexity.

The Eclipse Desk

Elegant & Inspiring.

The Opus Desk

Compose Like the Pro You Are.


All the Extras.

Creatives Who Love Their Argosy

Argosy consoles and desks are the centerpiece and foundation of award-winning studios around the world. We sat down to chat with a few clients about how they use their Argosy.

  • Keith Thomas, Grammy-Winning Producer & Engineer of Levosia Entertainment in Nashville, TN
  • Michael Perricone, CEO of Lotus Post in Santa Monica, CA
  • John Alagia, Grammy-Nominated Producer & Engineer of The Village Studios in West Los Angeles, CA

These are just a few stories among the multitude of creatives who have found inspiration and success working with an Argosy.

More Stories

Multi-Grammy winning producer and engineer, Keith Thomas discusses why ARGOSY has been at the heart of his studio environment consistently over the last 20 years!

An early adopter of the ARGOSY Eclipse console, long time client and Lotus Post CEO Michael Perricone sits down to talk about how their approach to sound for film, and how Argosy transforms their environment.

Our friend and client John Alagia sits down with us to talk about

his start in the music business and how he discovered Argosy, which is
now the centerpiece for his studio at The Village Studios in West Los
Angeles and at his personal studio in Maryland.

Our Story

Learn about the heart behind our products and why we began creating consoles that inspire.