Artist Spotlight

In the first of our new Artist Spotlight Series, we take a look at Pool Party Post in Austin, TX and speak to sound designer, Cabel Adkins, about the importance of good sound design in your favorite shows and movies, as well as touch upon the ever-changing landscape of audio based careers.

"The first thing that I think about when I work at the HALO desk is comfort for me. I've worked at other desks prior, and it (the HALO) is definitely my favorite now.  I love coming to work, opening the door and seeing the HALO and all our gear, it's a proud feeling."  Cabel Adkins; Lead Sound Designer.

Click here to watch the video (2min.) 

About Argosy:  
Since 1994, ARGOSY has been a trusted resource for commercial and private studios.  Our classic approach to design, engineering, and manufacturing has created a standard within the industry for specialty furniture in hi-tech environments.   

About Pool Party Post:
Pool Party Post is a audio post production facility located on the beautiful east side of Austin, TX, specializing in original music, mixing and recording for advertising, film, and web media. Clients include Nike, Toyota, Levi's, Honda, Samsung, Audi, Hewlett Packard, Volvo, Motorola, ESPN, TNT, New Regency, and Disney.