The Dual15 Workstation

Give Your Space an Edge.

Give Your Space an Edge.

Enhance and expand your workplace with integrated rack modules and symmetric low-profile design. Various rack configurations will ensure you are equipped for any environment - from mastering room, video editing, game audio and beyond... Dual 15 allows you to create your best work.

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Comfort with a sleek design.

The "L" means Larger, or Longer, or maybe Love. The Dual 15L is the same symmetry, order, and control as the the standard Dual 15 but with a wider desk surface to accommodate multiple monitors and more work surface.

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Transform your workspace.

Experience the Dual 15K Keyboard Workstation, featuring a modified, lowered desk platform to accommodate most 88 note keyboards.

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All the space you need.

This "KL" model is for keyboard-centric studios that need even more space to accommodate mulitple displays or just more desk space. Giving you room to endlessly create with easy reach and comfortable design. Available in mahogany trim or black trim to best fit your personal style.

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